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States consider taxing drivers by the mile!
By Alan Ruffer

The following Editorial is the opinion of the CCV EDITOR.

  According to a CBS news report on Feb. 14, 2005 States are considering Taxing Drivers By the Mile!

I like many others in this country have been considering switching to more fuel-efficient transportation.
The world price of oil will not go back down where it was a few years ago. There is too much demand and too little supply.
There are vehicles that get 50-60 MPG.
In the latest brain farts that are occuring with government officals are that they want to tax us for USING fuel efficient cars and other vehicles! States want to charge drivers for how many miles they use the roads.
In a test - Big Brother used a test car equipped with a global positioning device supposedly to keep track of its mileage. Eventually, every car would need one. Big Brother wants to know where EVERYONE is, not how many miles you drove!
Supposedly, the new tax would be charged each time you fill up. A computer inside the gas pump would communicate with your car's odometer to calculate how much you owe.
They want to charge even more for you to go to work!!! - The system could also track when you drive during rush hour and charge higher fees to discourage peak use. The downside is why buy a fuel-efficient vehicle if you will be charged more taxes for using it? This hurts the environment Big Brother does NOT need to have a GPS tracking device in every citicens car! "It's not fair for people like me who have to commute, and we don't have any choice but take the freeways," says Just. "We shouldn't have to be taxed." But tax-by-mile advocates say it may be the only way to ensure that fuel efficiency doesn't prevent smooth sailing down the road. Tax by mile advocates need to all take a long walk on a very short pier. Americans, wake up and do not let big government become even more privacy envasive! JUST SAY NO! call you lawmakers and let them know their re-election depends on their moving towards privacy ov the individual!